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College Board suspended, MUT remains intransigent

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Press release 22.09.2022

The administration of St. Albert the Great College expresses its concern over MUT’s reckless attempts to sabotage any efforts towards the opening of the scholastic year on Monday, despite offers from the College of compromise and negotiation. Notwithstanding a conciliatory meeting held this afternoon, 22nd September, in an attempt to reach an amicable solution, the Union is still unlawfully ordering two of its members to refrain from collaborating with the Head of the Secondary School in order to finalise the timetable for the next scholastic year for the Secondary School. Furthermore, yesterday it has ordered its members not to collaborate with the new Head of the Secondary School for trying to mediate with the said staff members in attempt to adequately prepare the Secondary School to welcome its students. The College has made various efforts to move towards harmonious industrial relations:

  1. During the last few weeks, the Rector held various meetings with all staff members and parents to charter a way forward.

  2. In hope of facilitating harmonious industrial relations, the Provincial has offered the Union to suspend the College Board, pending discussions on its restructuring.

  3. Furthermore, the College also sought to employ a new Head of School for the secondary school. The Head was chosen by a panel which was chaired by a former MUT president, and comprised of experienced educators, representatives of the Secretariat for Catholic Education, and representatives of the Dominican Order. Staff within the Primary school is working closely with the Rector to prepare for the next scholastic year, and have expressed their full confidence in him.

The College is holding MUT liable for any damages suffered due to its inordinate actions. Furthermore, it calls upon MUT to seek the best interests of the students and of its members so as to avoid further untimely disruptions with regards to the Secondary school, given that the Primary School is fully ready to welcome the students for the next scholastic year. The College believes that with the full collaboration of all stakeholders even the Secondary school will be able to operate without the need of any contingency plan. The administration of the school will continue to work in the best interest of its students and of the College.

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