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Reflections on Justice and Peace

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

The book Reflections on Justice and Peace contains primarily excerpts selected from the Acts of the General Chapters of our Order (from the one in Quezon City 1977 to the one in Biên Hòa 2019) regarding the work in the field of justice and peace. As a commission we have also agreed to compile some articles accompanying these excerpts to help the reader put these passages in context. Among them is an article by the Master of the Order, Fr. Francis Timonier III, on the preaching of justice and peace, an article on the cultural and social context in which these passages of the Acts developed as a prophetic answer to the socio-economic reality we live in, as well as an article on Dominican spirituality in the field of justice and peace. It was also fitting to have an article by Fra Michael Deeb, who had just finished his term as general promoter of justice and peace in the Order, where he shared with us his experience. The idea behind this initiative is to show this treasure that the Dominican Order has developed over the last few decades. We are convinced that all who love the Good News and the Preaching of the Gospel will surely find this material helpful and inspiring for an authentic Christian life, where the Word of God be embodied in the reality of the social life in which we live.

Editor: Ivan Attard

Dominican Publications 2021

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