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Declaration by the Bord and the Rector of Saint Albert the Great College

The Board of St Albert the Great College and the Rector categorically deny the unfounded allegations that have been circulating publicly, and were also published by certain media outlets, regarding the termination of employment of Mr. Mario Mallia due to disagreement on policies of inclusion. The termination of Mr. Mallia’s situation within the College is the result of various managerial and procedural issues, which have been accumulating over a period of time and which regrettably remained unresolved.

For many years the said Dominican Province has financially, and by other means, sustained the running of the College, even during the tenure of Mr. Mallia as Headmaster. Since its inception 74 years ago, the College was already offering education to students from all walks of life. For a long time the Province sought to assist families and students who were unable to support their education. The Board of St Albert the Great College has always held at heart all policies aimed at improving the lives of its students, their families and its educators alike, including policies of inclusivity which it has always embraced and which it will continue to push forward in the years to come with the same vision and perseverance. We feel that this is our duty, and the Board remains committed to its primary objective of ensuring the education and wellbeing of all entrusted to its care.

In light of the above, the Board of the College of St. Albert the Great does not consider it opportune to make further public comments on these matters. It is willing to do so in the right fora and when the time is ripe.

This is without prejudice to all intents and purposes at law.

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