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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy will help you understand what information is accessed by our Apps, and how we handle it. When we talk about “the Dominican Order,” “we,” “our,” or “us” in this policy, we are referring to the Maltese Dominican Fathers.

Information we collect and receive

Private data

We do not collect any personal information through our Website or Apps, and do not transmit any private information to our own servers.

Location data

Our Apps do use locations data on occasions. For example when looking at a particular location / building within the App, your location is determined using the location services of the mobile device. However, this location information is not stored or transmitted to our server. In Apps with use bluetooth beacon technology location permissions are requested by the App to make this functionality work.

Account data

In some circumstances, for example when using Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to send push notifications to the device to prompt updates, the user is requested to allow access to account data. However, we do not use this data or even query it, but only request the permission to allow a service like GCM to work properly.

User information

In the case that a user contacts us through the App or through the website then their provided details are transmitted to us. However, we do not store these details, nor do we share any information with third parties.

Usage and Debugging information

In order to improve the reliability and performance of our Apps we use crash analytics and user statistics as provided for example by Fabric ( ), at times Google Analytics ( ) or usage data natively collected by the operating system provider like Apple Inc. or Google Inc.

We do keep a record of the frequency of usage of our Apps which does include the type of device and operating system to better be able to tune our development to actually usage by our users.

The submission of crash reports can be turned off within the settings of the App or will be requested by a user prompt.

All usage data is collected securely and stored securely without any reference to an individual user and anonymous.

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