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First Foundations

The first house of the Order of Preachers in Malta is dedicated to Our Lady of the Grotto, declared a formal priory by the General Chapter of the Order held at Basle.

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First Foundation outside the walls of Imdina

With increased activity and commerce around the Grand Harbour, the Dominican Father sought to found their first house outside the walls of Imdina. The Dominicans from Rabat therefore established a house in Vittoriosa dedicated to the Annunciation. Three years later, in 1530, with the arrival of the Knights Hospitalliers in Malta, Vittoriosa became an important strategic centre in the Maltese Isles. In 1536 the Vittoriosa foundation became a Priory. During the second World War the Priory and the Church were completely destroyed and subsequently rebuilt.



Foundation of a House in Valletta and
the First Parish of the new city

When the Knights commenced building their new city on Sciberras Mount, the Dominicans of Vittoriosa used to cross over to provide spiritual assistance to the stonemasons. Then they founded a House in Valletta dedicated to Our Lady of Safe Harbour. In 1571, by a decree of Pope Pius V, the Dominican church of became a parish for all the inhabitants of Valletta. In 1612 this foundation was instituted as a Priory. On 25 ta' Marzu 1816, the church of Our Lady of Safe Harbour in Valletta given the dignity of a Minor Papal Basilica.



Foudnation of the Province

Fl-1816 it-tlett Kunvent Maltin ġew magħquda biex jiffurmaw il-Kongregazzjoni San Piju V. Fl-1838 imbagħad il-Kongregazzjoni saret Provinċja taħt il-patroċinju tal-Papa Dumnikan, li kien benefattur kbira tal-gżejjer tagħna



Establishment of a House in Sliema

A house in Sliema dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth was founded in 1909. In 1973 the Church of the Nazarene became a parish



Establishment of a Home in Gwardamanga

In 1945 a house in Gwardamanga was founded under the devout title of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima. In 1968 the church of Fatima became a parish.



Establishment of the Mission in Brazil

In 1961 the Maltese Dominicans established the Vicarage of San Martin de Porres in Brazil, which later merged with the Province of Fra Bartilmew de Las Casas.



Establishment of the Mission in Albania

In 1996, shortly before the outbreak of the civil war in Albania, the Maltese Dominicans began a new mission in the Kumani land. They set up their first home in Sukth, and then in 2000 built another house in Durres, where they were entrusted with a parish dedicated to St. Dominic.

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