Prof. Joseph Ellul O.P. awarded the "Magister in Sacra Theologia"

Congratulations to Prof. Joseph Ellul O.P. on his installation as "Magister in Sacra Theologia"

On the Feast of St. Albert the Great, 15th November 2017, Prof. Joseph Ellul, O.P. will be honored on the occasion of his installation as Magister in Sacra Theologia at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas. The Magister in Sacra Theologia (Master in Sacred Theology) is an honorary degree within the Order of Preachers. It is awarded to members of the Order who have achieved academic distinction within their area of theological expertise.

The Laudatio ceremony will open with the Laudatio by Prof. Stipe Jurič, Dean of the Faculty of Theology. The Laudatio (Praise) praises the candidate's academic achievements. This will be followed by the Lectio Magistralis (Master Lecture) by Prof. Ellul on the topic "In dulcedine societatis quaerere veritatem: The Soul of Academic Life."  

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