Mill-Moħħ għall-Fomm

A bilingual publication in Maltese and English on socio-religious topics.

This is a compendium of some of the best writings penned by the author during his extensive and scholarly career.  He writes under two advantageous qualities: a deep intellectual formation and personal experiences which he went through at home and abroad.  He consequently has moved freely in academic and less sophisticated environments.  A situation like this enables him to connect with his readers.  The very title of this book shows the reason why he embarked on the present work.  This is his way of sharing what he has acquired through study and observation with others.  He communicates with others for the same reason which moved Bede the Venerable of the 7th – 8th centuries when he wrote: “the joy of the master is in the advancement of the student”.  This is the same thought expressed by Fr Attard in the introduction to this book.  

The present publication consists of three sections: The Spirit Calls; Maltese on the move; Landmarks in history.  The first section is socio-religious because it deals with religious values as expressed through traditional customs as distinct from a more multicultural milieu encountered by Maltese living in the diaspora.  The next section is about human migrations with a special reference to the Maltese migratory movement.  The author has studied and lived with the phenomenon of emigration for many long years.  He is a pioneer in the history of Maltese migration and has produced a number of books on the subject.  

The final section has a wider scope.  Here Fr Attard refers to momentous events which have conditioned the human way of life.  He sets off from the local scene to a wider European situation.  His ideas illustrate the dependence of Malta's history and of our cultural heritage on the wider world around us.  

One final remark: the author is blessed with a fluent and captivating literary style when he writes both in his own Maltese and in the English language.  He decided to present his writings in the original language in which they appeared.  The reader will do well to keep in mind what the author wrote in the introduction to this book: "I present this book as a means of communication with my readers, many whom it is unlikely that I will ever meet”.  The Dominican Order to which Fr Attard belongs, celebrates the year 2016 as the eight hundred year of its official confirmation by Pope Honorius III in 1216.  The author presents this book as a token of this historical milestone.

Author> Fr. Lawrenz E. Attard O.P.
Pages> 321 - 

Price > €12

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