Knisja 2000 No 86

Theddid u Sfidi Dinjija - €2.50

Knisja 2000 No 86This publication includes the following articles:

- Faith Schools: A Space for Autonomy and Challenge to Hegemony - P. François Mifsud OP

- Tibdil fil-Popolazzjoni ta' Malta: Il-Moviment Migratorju Malti matul iż-Żmien - P. Lawrenz E. Attard OP

- The September 11th Attacks as a Moral Statement - Mr. Michael Grech

- It-Theddida tal-Kriminalità fid-Dinja - P. Mark Montebello OP

- The Challenge of Religion to Secular Europe and the Role of Interreligious Dialogue - P. Joseph Ellul OP

- Il-Kriżi Ekoloġika - Dr. Paul Pace

- Is there a Common Vision of Image Literacy in Europe? - Mr. Stephen Vella


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