The Friars

The Dominican friars preach in churches and on the streets, in universities and through mass media, to the faithful as well as dissidents; we break open the Scripture to different audiences and pursue initiatives in favour of justice and peace; we deliver retreats to nuns, visit the sick, listen, console, hear confessions, forgive and ultimately desire to go as far as need be to preach the Word of God to those who do not yet know it or to those who need and wish to hear it.

The Dominicans were founded as part of the mendicant movement: not monks spending all their time exclusively in a monastery but called upon to go out into the world preaching the Gospel while retaining the roots of monastic prayer. In Dominican spirituality, common prayer and apostolic activity are mutually nourishing. Like the apostles who were sent out to preach but were at the same time also exhorted by Jesus to pray constantly, our preaching is a prayer, an encounter with God in the people with whom and to whom we preach, and our time spent in silence before God orients us more surely to our apostolic mission.

Within the Dominican family, the friars are united into a single, international religious order within the Catholic Church. They are neither monks living exclusively in a monastery nor diocesan priests living in parishes; Dominican friars are "apostolic religious" committed to the ministry of preaching wherever the need is greatest, with a marked preference for the frontiers of the Church. The friars pursue this ministry communally, bound together by the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

The Order provides a home for friars to pursue evangelization on a full-time basis and are prepared in silence and study and supported by prayer. This spiritual and missionary adventure has been going on for nearly eight hundred years and continues to be a vibrant part of the life of the Church; helping it to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth, and perhaps one day, to the ends of the universe.

Four fundamentals of Dominican life:

(1) The Order's mission of the Ministry of the Word

(2) Community life

(3) Prayer and liturgy

(4) Study of the Word