Fr. Provincial's Message

The Maltese Dominican Province of St Pius V forms part of a Roman Catholic Religious Order, officially known as The Order of Friars Preachers and more commonly known as the Dominican Order.

The Order was founded in Spain by Dominic of Gusman about 800 years ago, as a response to the needs of the Church in the early 13th century, particularly that of having preachers with a solid formation in Scriptures and Theology.  ‘Truth' (Veritas) is the motto of our Order, a commitment undertaken by this Religious Family throughout the ages , namely, that of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all possible means, as the testimony given by history itself amply shows.

The friars came to Malta from Sicily towards the middle of the 15th century.   The priories in Malta were subsequently recognized as an autonomous Province in 1838. Today there are five vibrant communities of Dominican friars around the island, three of which are parishes.  Moreover, our province is blessed with a missionary community in Durrës, Albania, founded only ten years ago as an enthusiastic response to the newly (re)born Catholic  Church in this formerly communist country.  The Maltese Dominicans have also been present in Brazil for the past fifty years.   We are also currently entrusted with the leadership of a primary and secondary school, Saint Albert the Great College and which has embarked on a new project with a new vision on new premises.

Together with the brethren that form the Province, the Dominican charisma is shared by the Sisters of the Dominican Congregation of St Catherine of Siena - founded in Gozo in 1889, as well as by several Fraternities of Lay Dominicans.  All these together constitute what we fondly refer to as "the Dominican Family."

These pages aim at acquainting you with the way the members of this Family, particularly the brethren, are responding to the needs of the Church in our Country today.   Hopefully, YOU too will find a way of sharing in our mission of Evangelization.