St. Albert the Great College

Official College Name:  St. Albert the Great

History of the College: In 1948, the Maltese Dominicans accepted yet another challenge: the running of a college for boys in Valletta after taking over Flores College, which had been established for seventy-four years. Over the course of years, the College went through different phases and was directed by a number of rectors.  In 1993, the executive leadership of the College was handed over to a lay person whilst the role of the rector was no longer an executive one.  St. Albert College is currently implementing a four-year programme, with the objective of becoming one of the best educational institutions in relation to teaching and caring for students.

Telephone:  21 225708

Fax: 21 241218


Rector: Rev. Francois Mifsud O.P.

College’s Head: Mr. Mario Mallia

Primary School’s Assistant Head: Mrs. Anna Buttigieg

Secondary School’s Assistant Head:  Ms. Sue Gatt

Age of Students:  Boys from Year 1 (5-year-olds) till Form 5 (16-year-olds)

Pastoral Care in the Secondary School:  One of the main aims is to develop a pastoral care system, which satisfies all the students’ needs.  A professional team was set up in the Secondary school which team includes the College’s headmaster, teachers (year Co-ordinators), the guidance teacher and the spiritual director.  Apart from being responsible for the holistic development of students, this team also provides them with a number of spiritual and recreational opportunities.  These include live-in weekends, retreats, regular assemblies during which their work and commitment can be appreciated.