Official Priory Name:  St. Mary of Porto Salvo 

History of the Priory: The priory in Valletta was built in 1569 by the Dominican friars based in Vittoriosa.  As expected, the life of the Dominicans in Valletta was strongly linked to the history of the same capital city and of the country itself.  The Dominicans served the residents throughout very difficult times such as during the years of the plague, the French rule and especially during the Second World War.  Despite the risks of contacting the highly contagious plague, the Dominicans continued assisting and giving Holy Communion to the sick.  In fact, some of them got infected by the disease. Moreover, during the French rule, the French soldiers confined the friar community in Fort St. Elmo for some time. One of the lay brothers of the priory was shot to death.  The friars continued their pastoral service during the years of the Second World War, amongst the ruins of buildings that were damaged by the enemy bombs.  They also offered hospitality to some people in the church’s Charnel-house which served as a shelter. 

Prior: Rev. Joseph Bonnici OP

Parish Priest: Rev. Michael Camilleri OP

Parish Priest’s Telephone: 21 247535

Parish Priest’s Fax: 21 248253

Official Telephone: 21 234079

Official Fax: 21 248253 

Mass Schedule for weekdays: 7.00a.m, 8.00a.m, 09.00a.m, 6.15p.m.

Mass Schedule for Sundays and Feast Days: 7.00a.m, 8.00a.m, 9.00a.m, 10.00a.m., 11.30a.m, 5.15pm

Office hours: Monday, Saturday 9.00a.m – 11.00a.m, Wednesday 4.30p.m. – 6.00p.m.